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Ween, King Crimson, Steely Dan, Barry White [Scrapple Music]

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Hello all and welcome to Scrapple Music, the one and only music show you will ever need.

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.
He’s a guitar player, a famous guitar player, he played in the bands Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, they were pretty successful, they sold millions and millions of records.
He’s the guy who always wore dark glasses and had a big bushy mustache, so you never really got a good look at him.
It turns out he’s smart. Real smart.
So smart he’s a consultant to the US military for missile defense systems and was once chair of the Civilian Advisory Board for Ballistic Missile Defense.
So remember, if you’re listening to Steely Dan or The Doobie Brothers and you hear a searing lead crashing through, chances are it’s Jeff Skunk Baxter and at the time, he was probably thinking of kill ratio pattern

s and macrosolutions to megaproblems.

There was once a band named Ween and they were amazing.
It consisted of two members, Dean and Gene Ween, they weren’t really brothers, but they pretended to be.
Gene had a beautiful voice and Dean could play a mean guitar.
Gene left Ween and went solo. He is now known as Aaron Freeman and he has a new record called Marvelous Clouds. Much like his old band, the songs are great if not a little weird.
It happens to have one of my favorite jams of the summer on it.
The song is called “For a while I couldn’t play my guitar like a man”,
“For a while I couldn’t play my guitar like a man!?!?
What exactly does masculinity have to do with guitar playing?
I mean, I know that there is a dearth of fabulously famous female shredders out there, but you really dont have to throw gender driven stereotypes on your otherwise awesome shit….

Sony is reintroducing the famed walkman as a high-end listening device with a sound far superior to anything mere mortals ears have ever heard.
They say the sound quality is so good that you can actually hear Barry White scratching his ass while he was singing “Can’t get enough of your love”.
Good sound comes at a big price, 700 bucks each… and I don’t think the thing even has a phone.

This September, The legendary King Crimson are reuniting for a few shows in New York.
It’s nice to hear that Crimson constant Robert Fripp is out and about.
He is bringing a 7 man, triple drummer ensemble with him.
I bet the the tickets are gonna be pricey and the predominantly male audience probably won’t recognise most of the songs they are playing.
Ladies, are you lonely? Are you frustrated in not finding a decent man?
The go to this show, just hang out.
Seriously, if you go to a King Crimson concert, or for that matter a Rush concert, trust me, you will find a man that no one else wants.
It don’t matter if you are old, morbidly obese, covered in open sores and you smell like eggs……you will find a man.

Well thats all for Scrapple Music, thank you so much for watching, please, if you have any friends, tell them about us, visit our website, like us on facebook and share the love…..

Written & Edited By Scott Colan

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