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Uzaklardan ‘From A Distance’ [Barakka Band in Turkey]


Uzaklardan – From A Distance
Filmed and Edited by Andrew Geller
Istanbul, Turkey

It is with an effort that a documentary like this almost appeared out of nowhere. Meaning, this was supposed to be about an international tour of the Philadelphia based rock group Barakka and their experience throughout. The band’s leader, vocalist and guitarist, Baris Kaya, is originally from Istanbul, Turkey himself. He makes his own songs, which can be categorized as traditional Turkish folk/rock. The group planned its tour last year in May with the hopes of gaining the experience of what it would be like performing in front of a live authentic local audience in Hayal Kahvesi Beyoglu. Instead, unforseen events took place: a mine explosion in one of the suburban cities that cost hundreds if lives leading to a halt of all live events throughout the nation’s mourning period…and cameras started rolling from another angle: The streets of Istanbul
-Sandra Saglam

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