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Top 5 Most Evil Reality TV Queens [Celebrity Hashtag] #

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Good morning kids-I’m Philly’s favorite queen Brittany Lynn, and welcome to Celebrity Hashtag-giving you the best and worst of Hollywood for the Scrapple Report.

Today we are serving you the top five most evil queens of realty tv-we’ve come a long way from the simple face slapping days of Dynasty-now to be considered evil you have to get Aviva Drescher to throw her artificial leg at you-let’s see who makes the toss:

5. Abby Lee Miller
At number five, this first evil queen is Abby Lee Miller. Miller is the star of Dance Moms. As the owner and chief choreographer for the Lee Dance Company, this evil pig in a wig’s main job is to beat down the scariest of stage mothers with a look while crushing the hopes and dreams of young girls by taking away their self esteem. (Hmmm I like her…) Unlike most fatty bumbablatti washed up dance instructors, a green room full of menthols and a dozen krispy kremes doesn’t calm this lady down on the set at all. In fact, most episodes of Dance Moms end with more moms and underage girls crying than a day at Planned Parenthood.

4. Nene Leeks
One of our Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene is our number four on our list of evil queens. Known for “telling it like it is” and fighting with the faked cancer, wig wearing Kim Sosiak, it’s easy to see why Nene maintains her evil queen status-she exercised on every episode of Housewives while getting larger by the minute, considers herself to be an acclaimed actress while destroying every scene on the NEW NORMAL by simply being on camera (and GLEE) , and spends most episodes of Housewives reading the other housewives for their looks while she sports bigger teeth than all four presidents of mount Rushmore. Don’t be such a bitch Nene-if Hee Haw ever comes back on, you can be their new logo. (show horse from hee haw)

3. Teresa Guidance
At number three, Teresa Jewdice’s name is synonymous with crazy and bitchy, and offensive to my people. JEWW-DICE
(JEWWW dice? No I don’t)

Teresa has the most famous moments out of any of the housewives on reality tv, not just in the Jersey area-running after Danielle at the fashion show on season 3, her fight with Kathy on the beach in Mexico, pushing our favorite homo- Andy- during the season 2 reunion, and the best ever-the famous dinner table flipping of season 1. Miss Cuckoo Bird Jewdice when not being cray cray for the media masses, even had time to pen her skinny and Italian cookbooks-like the saying goes, never trust a skinny Italian cook-especially one with JEW in her name. What makes someone stop being so bitchy on national tv, facing prison on national tv-Jewdice and her husband owe 13.5 million from tax fraud. She better warm up real quick when she gets to prison-my advice-make friends with the largest woman on the cell block and show her your book-skinny Italian: eat it and enjoy it (lick lips)

2. Ryan Seacrest
What’s not to love about America’s sweetheart? Gorgeous face, perfect teeth, and that amazingly fake smile… Why is he an evil queen-let’s look at the facts…

We loved Seacrest so much on American Idol he became the highest reality paid host to date. We never heard ANYTHING of his cohost Brian Dunkleman after the first season.

What do you Seacrest-meet and seduce powerful old men with gay affectations then kill them with your love and take over the shows they worked so hard their whole lives to make a success? Atta girl…oh how you make the gays proud…

1. Kris Jenner
Our number one most evil queen on reality tv is this bitch:

No…not this one..But this one- Kris Jenner!

Oh miss Kristen Jenner look what you’ve done to reality tv by showing us nonstop how fame can make the most disgustingly awful family even more disgustingly awful. At first we were so proud that you were able to shave even your hairiest of children down and make her wanted by the most horrendous of rappers. We all loved Kim and her conjoined twin of an ass. The obvious exploitation of Kim by Kris is so legendary she barely has time to pimp off Kim’s simian siblings that she also exfoliated and made pretty for the cameras. It’s only a matter of time before she sells Kendall and Kylie Jenner off at the next VMA’s.

That’s our top 5 most evil reality show queens and thanks for tuning in to Celebrity Hashtag- if you see a story you want us to cover, find us on facebook under celebrity hash tag-and send us your favorite celebrity gossip mems on instagram at #cht

I’m Brittany Lynn-See you soon kids on the next Celebrity Hashtag!

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