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[Scrapple Music News] Pharrell, Wu-Tang, Tupac and Jack White

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Hello all and welcome to Scrapple Music…


The number one Song this Week is…oh my god…..its Happy again!


Hey, more power to Pharrell, he knows were all miserable and we need a perky ass jam like this, just to get us through the day.


Speaking of perky, Jack White will officially kick off his world tour late May in Oklahoma and continue with stops throughout North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom including two-night-stands in Jack’s native Detroit, Chicago, and Paris, as well as headlining the summer festival circuit.


To drum up enthusiasm, I’m starting a rumor that his sister-slash-ex wife Meg might show up to play a few White Stripes tunes at a couple of select dates.


I like starting rumors because if you say something enough times, it eventually becomes true.


And speaking of your sister-slash-ex wife, we listen to mainstream country music so you don’t have to. Bro-country’s biggest, stupidest star, Jason Aldean -whose head is the size of a small planet, seriously- is planning to release a new album next year. In a tribute to America’s bad taste, Aldean won vocalist of the year at the American Country Music Awards for whatever twangy, half-witted gibberish he’s getting paid to put his name on. We’re hoping he shares the bill with fellow melonheads Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney who is totally not gay so stop saying that.


Speaking of showtunes, Tupac is going to Broadway.


Musician, Poet, and now Broadway actor Saul Williams will star in “Holler If Ya Hear Me” the new broadway musical based on the life of Tupac Shakur.


The Musical is not a biography, but has clear allusions to Tupac’s life.


This bio-musical of sorts is set to open in late May and is the first major production to attempt to represent the life of Tupac.


Tupac on Broadway may seem like an odd mix, but it’s better than a hologram.


Now we all know that the LACK of money is the root of all evil and in this world, we need as much cash as possible, just to keep afloat.


Thats why we at Scrapple music applaud the entrepreneurship of two gentlemen who are flipping the script and creating their own currency, which we predict will knock the world banking system on its ass….


These two stalwarts of American music, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, otherwise known as The Insane Clown Posse, have actually created their own monetary system.
It’s called….. “Juggalocoin”.


Their own JuggaloCoin has launched and, as of right now, the new currency is going to be accepted by vendors at the Gathering of the Juggalo’s, their website and for buying bottles of Faygo in Hatchet City.


“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” is the new album by the legendary Wu Tang Clan.
But don’t expect to find a copy in stores, online, or anywhere other than in a vault, buried six miles deep, in a mine in Morrocco.


Instead of the typical mass release, Wu Tang has only pressed one copy of the new album, put it in a fancy box and will only play it at galleries, museums and festivals, where visitors will be charged a fee to listen to the 2 hour long album on provided headphones.


At this point, offers have been up to 5 million dollars for the record. The goal of the project is to bring music back as a “high art” form.


In an age where music is online for free before it even hits store, The Wu Tang’s have made a bold move.


And even more surprising? Nobody has even leaked that shit out yet.


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