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REX and The Burger Brawl Philly [High End Cuisine]

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Join Chef Loka as she explores the world of high end burgers at REX1516. What makes the perfect burger? No one can know for sure but chef Justin Swain will not leave this mortal coil until he discovers the unvarnished truth. Chef Swain’s latest creation combines one 8oz house ground beef patty, pimento cheese, bib lettuce, crisped bacon and crunchy fried onions all sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun. Could this symphonic synthesis of a savory sandwich be chef Swain’s ticket to another Burger Brawl trophy? Only time can tell. But for now chef Loka gets a taste of the competition.

Check out the 5th Annual Burger Brawl at REX 1416, Sunday June 14th from 3PM-6PM.

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