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Porngate scandal deepens: Is a wider scandal about to break?

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Today, Scrapple TV received and will soon be releasing unredacted emails from a PA Supreme Court justice’s account related to the state’s Porngate scandal — The emails show how a network of both state and federal officials shared pornographic, misogynist, and racist media and “humor.”

These emails have become ammunition in a protracted political dogfight, part of what Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s attorney has characterized as her “persecution by a group of angry men.”

Friday a source brought to Scrapple TV for inspection new and incendiary materials related to the feud between key principals in this matter. When revealed, these materials promise to add dramatic and disturbing dimensions to this story which has thus far been limited to one of pornographic and racially insensitive emails exchanged between public officials.

The material included in this video was emailed to or from Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin. It is all either pornographic or offensive in quality and content, and therefore also not safe for work or appropriate for children

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