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Philadelphia Weekly and Caryn Kunkle; Save the Divine Lorraine

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Caryn Kunkle has a plan to fix the Divine Lorraine hotel, problem is: she doesn’t own it .


Once upon a time, the best way to sneak into the Divine Lorraine Hotel was from the 13th Street side. There was a chain-link fence that was easy to shim underneath, say some Temple students, followed by a low wall that could somewhat easily be scaled, and that was pretty much it: There they’d be, standing in the decrepit hulk of the once-beautiful art deco landmark, now ravaged by decades of neglect, fires and weather damage.


Read more: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/news-and-opinion/cover-story/Divine-Lorraine-254435611.html#ixzz2yOzJVrkq

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