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Open Resources: Farm Bill

Efforts on the Farm Bill ended recently with parties on both sides at a standstill. It is unlikely that they will meet the congersional deadline of December 13

The current Farm bill funds $500 billion worth of agriculture and nutrition programs. If passed, the legislation would have a five-year life span. At the heart of the conflict the gop wants to further cut food stamps which is rolled into a nutrition program that falls under the Farm bill. Passing by a vote of 64-35, the Democrat led Senate version of the bill would cut $3.9 billion over 10 years versus the GOP proposed $40 billion in cuts . mention how hunger is a huge issue in this country and give a hunger statistic Also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, which provides funding for 40 million hungry americans .SHOW STATS , 49% of SNAP recipients are children with 76% of benefits going to households with children. lets just hope that the democrats can keep the republicans at bay and keep Snap at the very least at its currant state of funding

What’s to know in GMOs?

the GMO ballot measure that would require the labeling of genetically altered foods was narrowly defeated in the Nov. 5th election, thanks to an expensive anti-labeling advertising campaign. Who’s funding the “you don’t need to know ” campaign? The Grocery Manufacturers Association . those bastards have donated $7.2 million to opposing I-522 and has finally agreed to release the long list of secret donors after being sued by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson for violating disclosure laws. (show list) PepsiCo, Nestle USA and Coca-Cola are among the contributors who each gave hidden donations of more than $1 million to ensure that you do not know what they put in their food. But even as Americans are slow to react to the dangers of GMO experimentation and contamination, other countries are continuing to reject our GM product. China, one of the world’s largest importers of corn, recently turned away another U.S. shipment claiming the grain contained a genetically modified version not approved by Beijing. As independent reports from around the world begin to surface, GMO foods such as corn are being banned in over 60 countries. This has sent GM foods stock prices plummeting and China’s recent rejection sent corn futures falling to a 3 year low. Smart U.S. companies are already seeing the green $$$$ in eating green……. Chipotle is among the corporations to phase out all GMO foods from their menu by next year and even post which current menu items they currently sell that contain GMOs.(show clip of commercial? ) Since that announcement in March 2013 to eliminate GMO foods from their menu, Chipolte’s stock prices nearly doubled in 8 months. speaking of organics ……… Wisconsin the Vying for Capital of Organic Farming?

A boom in Organic Farming seems to be happening in Wisconsin. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture The secret seems to be in the establishment of farm cooperatives. All around the world, , small farmers and food producers are joining cooperatives. this can increase chances for survival. Working with other organic food producers, these small farmers can get they type of support that one farmer, on their own, wouldn’t have. , Wisconsin’s organic appeal seems to stem from a strong consciousness of developing sustainable practices within an evolving organic farming culture. A 2012 report by the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems indicates that Wisconsin farmers are more likely to grow organic field crops to feed their livestock rather than buy organic feed, like barley and hay, to feed their animals. This compliments the fact that a number of small Wisconsin cities are host to organic food producing cooperatives serving local, and national needs for organically grown food products and,… they are making lots of money in the process. In Viroqua, with only a population of 4,362, their Food Co-op earned $5.5 million in sales in 2011. And, the largest organic cooperative in the world can be found at the headquarters for Organic Valley located in La Farge, Wisconsin. Cooperatives are trending now and the website, Localharvest.org uses a mapping system to help users find local organic food throughout the US. In Wisconsin cooperatives are giving small organic producers a leg up in the game as they go against larger organic producers and even larger industrial producers in the open market. Thats all for now. Tune in again for more news about food and the environment in which food is grown with yours truly, at Open Source: Keeping it Green Since 2013.Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 2.39.51 PM


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