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Nicki Minaj, As I Lay Dying, Big Daddy Kane [Scrapple TV Music]

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Hi I’m Mel and welcome to Scrapple Music

Casey Kasem is still dead. America’s top 40 Countdown King is gone. The little guy with the great big voice will be missed.
Back in the day before the internet, every week Casey Kasem would tell us what the top ten songs in America were. And then we would look at each other and say…”What the hell are we listening too?”

Time doesn’t march on, it sprints!

Did you know that Big Daddy Kane’s “Long Live The Kane” is a quarter century old?
I really don’t remember cause I was a baby, but thats ok, I love it….
but when are we gonna give Cool C his props?
“The Glamorous Life”?!? That’s my jam!

Kelly Clarkson is now a mom.
She gave birth to a daughter, and named it… River Rose Blackstock??
Who’s the daddy, a character from Game of Thrones?
The funny thing is, I had no idea she was pregnant.
Who can tell anymore without a tastefully nude magazine spread?

Speaking of naked,

Nikki Minaj is topless again in her latest video, Pills N Potions, from her album “The Pink Print”.
Minaj goes au natural except for the letter X pasties she’s sporting. She has been topless before with French Montana in his”Freaks” video, but never without makeup! Nikki is always trying to take things to the next level. It’s rumored that in her next video, she will shoot flaming ping pong balls out of her uterus.

Maybe she’s taking things too far, but at least she is real

Unlike Tim Lambesis, The singer of the popular Christian metal band “As I Lay Dying”.
Tim is in jail for hiring a hitman to kill his wife. Even worse, He just admitted that he’s not even Christian!
I’m sure God, Satan, and Ronnie James Dio are having a good laugh about this during afternoon tea.

Well thats it for Scrapple Music, thanks for watching, thanks for liking us on Facebook, Thanks for all the letters, telegrams and gift baskets, please keep em coming and above all…thanks for being you….

Written by
Mel Cotton
Christina Shriver
Jo Pincushion
Scott Colan

Shot by Marc Brodzik

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