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NA Poe Interviews NA Poe [Panic Hour] Philadelphia City Council Election

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Great interview of Panic Hour’s N.A.Poe interviewing Libertarian Candidate for City Council Nikki Allen Poe.

Poe Supports:

-Decriminalizing Marijuana.

-Ending Stop & Frisk.

-Closing the Delaware Intelligence Fusion Center which collects all of your computer and phone data, promoted by Mayor Nutter.

-Auditing and Abolishing the PPA. -Donating half of my salary to the homeless.

-Raising the wage of restaurant employees to current minimum wage level.

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  1. […] More great work from our very good friends, nay, patrons, at Scrapple.tv:  “NA Poe Interviews NA Poe.” […]

  2. Anne says:

    Great job. Love it.

  3. maggie says:

    ETHICS…….City Council Cover up of construction of reckless endangerment by political connected developers and deliberate launch of hate crimes against whistleblower. I have all the evidence needed to show criminal act by City Council and District Attorney all instigating and colluding with years of hate crimes, civil rights violations, assault and worse. If they had handled construction properly in Mt Airy, those people would not have died at Market Street. City Planning had 1st rate demolition protocol for years. Cronyism kills citizens.

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