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Mr. Unloved performs “Rude Crude Dude” [Live Music] Ortliebs 10.10.14

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Mr. Unloved performing Rude Crude Dude and Pushers, Pimps & Prostitutes; Live at Ortliebs, October 2014.

In a rare break in character, during the middle of “Rude, Crude, Dude”, Mr Unloved renounces his misogynistic ways and extols the virtues of womanhood, takes a raw honest look at himself in the mirror and his aging bachelor ways.

“Mr. Unloved is a fire throwing harmonica spitting blues playing magician/comedian that hails from Philadelphia. Imagine some sort of amalgamation of Tom Waits and John Waters spouting bad advice and misinformation.” – Isaac H.O.F./Greenhouse Studios

“Mr. Unloved is a blue collar artist based in Philadelphia singing songs of greed and envy, he is the sage of bad advice and misinformation. Come explore the mind of the phenomenon known as Mr. Unloved” -Halsey B. Gone host of Hearse-Talk

“Mr. Unloved is a bluesy lounge act full of wit and devilish charm. If you enjoy hearing comedic lines that often feel so wrong but so right in the pit of your stomach, then check out his set next time you see him on a bill at your favorite local dive.”
– Q.D. Tran The Deli Philadelphia

Mr. Unloved has a lounge-y, boozy sound. The vocals are smoky and the harmonica flourishes are aplenty. He has bluesy jam sessions and even some warped spoken word thrown in for chuckles or just simply tangents of a lunatic. – Adam G. The Deli Philadelphia

“It’d be the obvious thing to say that he reminds me of Tom Waits, Dr John and Screaming Jay Hawkins but he does. His raspy voice, phrasing, timing, spookiness and slight creepiness come together in his lounge/blues songs played on his keyboard occasionally backed with a harmonica and tambourine to make this a once in a life time sight to behold. With his white tux with tails jacket and his green pants and his hat that looks like it was stolen from a barber shop quartet he is prepared to amaze the audience with his mere presence. Spooky.”
-Rich Hillen Jr.

The Rude Crude Dude copyright 1991 C. Zimmerman II unpublished work “Pushers, Pimps & Prostitutes” copyright 1992 C. Zimmerman II unpublished work

Shot by Wright Seneres & Scott Colan

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