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Maria Kretschmann Ancient Egyptian Artifact Replicas

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Philadelphia-based artist Maria Mosette Kretschmann creates three unique ancient egyptian artifact replicas — a mummy with sarcophagus, a ramesses and a sekhmet mask — for the Penn Museum Touch Tours.

For the second consecutive Fall season, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology offers its innovative “Touch Tours” ancient egyptian culture program,
designed with and for visitors with blindness or low vision.

Visitors learn about ancient egyptian culture through tactile classroom and gallery sessions, exploring ancient artifacts and
specially made replicas.

The Mid East Ensemble (recorded live on location in the Penn Museum Ancient Egyptian Gallery) is:
William Tayoun
Joseph Tayoun
Roger Mgrdichian

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  1. Incredible work Maria and Andrew!!!

  2. scott johnston says:

    This a great piece – and a fantastic overview of the complete process. Go Go Team Kretschller!

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