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Live Not On Evil perform “A Little More” at the Zombie Prom [Live Music] Trocadero, 9.27.14

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A Philadelphia-based band who believe in a hybrid approach to heavy rock that combines punk, goth and metal in the way a car crash combines steel, glass and rubber.

Live Not On Evil, Live at Trocadero in Philadelphia PA.

Live Not On Evil has just released their third full length album “When Everything Goes Down” on Creep Records.

Live Not On Evil is a musical project that was started in 2000 by lead singer and guitarist Rob Windfelder. In 2001 a debut full length release entitled Lucky Stiff received positive reviews and airplay throughout the world. London-based No Front Teeth Magazine described the band as “dark and heavy rock’n’roll with thick, thick pounding guitars fused with enchanting vocal lines that together bring these songs to a new realm of goth tinged punk rock’n’roll, very atmospheric and very dominant”.

A series of energetic and sometimes unpredictable live shows, along with inclusion on various compilations lead up to the recording and release of the second full length, Next Time Nail it Shut, in the fall of 2004, distributed by Sinister Records out of Seattle. Again this release ran the same course as the first, enjoying much appreciated accolades from many various publications and broadcasters. The band was being accepted and appreciated by a crossover of scenes, a goal of the project since its inception. Gothic Beauty Magazine described their sophomore release as “a fantastic rock album with evil intentions. When the trial run was over I immediately hit play again. In your face with a metal edge, Live Not On Evil have managed to capture their own unique agenda while staying true to the roots of old school style guitar driven horror-punk. Next Time Nail it Shut flat out rocks”.

Live Not On Evil has had the pleasure of sharing bills with bands such as The Briefs, 45 Grave, Dead Kennedys, The Casualties, The Dead Milkmen, Christian Death, and Excene Cervenka just to name a few. The current line-up, Windfelder vocals/guitar, Norm Alger guitar/vocals, Kevin Person Bass, and Joey Patrone on drums has signed with Creep Records out of their own home town of Philadelphia. Their first endeavor with their new label, a seven inch EP entitled “Coming Back to Life”, was released on Halloween Night 2009. Live Not On Evil’s latest release a full length on Creep Records “When Everything Goes Down” is now on sale world wide.

“Like snuff with a more serious focus, they all but thrash with variety, clarity, and brutish timing. I hope this ensures they’re on the map, so they go on to leave a fine legacy”. (Rock Historian Mick Mercer)

Shot By: Liam Mglynn, Wright Seneres, Anthony Zagarella, Scott Colan

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  1. Norm Alger (Guitar - LNOE) says:

    Thanks, Scrapple TV. We love Philly! We love you!

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