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Led Zeppelin, The Police, Sam Smith, Morrissey [Scrapple TV Music]


Hello I’m Mell and Welcome to Scrapple News

Vinyl records…those disks that you see Dj’s spin, or the skinny black frisbees that you threw around in your grandma’s basement…..are making a comeback in a big big way, CD sales have tanked, digital sales are plateauing.

So record companies are scrambling, by gambling, on nostalgia.
They’re investing heavily into vinyl and are reopening old record plants.

As of now, vinyl is strictly a niche market consisting of deeply passionate music fans and aging hipsters.

That sounds cool, I love records and all but…

I’ll rue the day when I see Starbucks selling Nickelback albums on colored vinyl.

Speaking of Vinyl….

70s stadium superstars Led Zeppelin, is back on the charts.
They just remastered and rereleased their first three albums, aptly titled 1, 2 & 3 and promptly took up 3 positions on the top ten.

Sadly, They won’t go on tour, apparently their Rascal endorsement deal fell through,

I can’t say I blame Zeppelin for cashing in one last time, they just want to leave their families a little more scratch before they go off to that great gig in the sky.

But apparently that’s not part of Sting’s bag. The Roxanne singer says he won’t give any inheritance to his kids,

That’s right, the award winning frontman of The Police says that his vast wealth of 300 MILLION dollars, would be an “albatross” around the necks of his six children.

Yeah, like having TOO much money is a “problem”.

When you think about it, It’s not like he really earned it, he owes all of his fortune to the other members of the Police,

When you think about it; Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland were so talented, they managed to make a dweeb like Sting sound amazing.

Let’s face it– the dude’s solo work has not aged well. It’s more like “Dream of the Blue Turds.”

If I were Sting’s kids, I would threaten him with a tell-all book and swear that with “every breath he takes. Every move he makes. YOU’LL BE WATCHING HIM.”

Who does Sam Smith remind you of?

In the hugely popular video for “Stay with Me”, Sam Smith looks like he’s about to cry the entire time. That can only remind you of one person.

When you look past his polished British soul persona, Sam Smith could pass as Morrissey’s son… Well, musically anyway.

Lets hope Sam remains healthier than his alleged pop, because due to illness, Morrissey has yet again canceled the rest of his US tour.

Morrissey’s cancellations have been happening in alarming frequency.

I bet the reason he’s constantly cancels shows, is because he feels karmic guilt for not doing a Smith’s reunion, which he says will NEVER happen..

Maybe Sam Smith can get ol’ Johnny Marr and crew back together, practice a little bit, do some shows, write new songs and they could literally call themselves…..The Smiths!

Thats all for Scrapple Music, I’m Mel, Thanks for watching, thanks for being there!

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Written By:
Melanie Cotton
Christina Schriver
Scott Colan

Shot By:
Marc Bridzik

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