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John Legend, Made in America, Lee “Scratch” Perry [Scrapple TV Music]

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The number 1 Song of the week is for the second week in a row is All of Me by John Legend.


Can’t you just picture millions of teenagers at proms dry humping to that jam on gym floors all across America?


The Budweiser Made in America Festival is coming to Philly this summer, and for the low low price of $125 bucks you can spend two days in the sweltering sun, crammed in a giant pen with the finest, funkiest smelling folk Philly has to offer.


Half of the bands I’m sure you never heard of, the other half that you actually like are going to play a short ass set. The headliners will be Kanye West and Kings of Leon,


which reminds me….


Do you know the difference between the Kings of Leon and the Fountains of Wayne?


I really don’t know either….


Other acts include Pharrell, J. Cole, Girl Talk, Spoon, De La Soul, Danny Brown, Chromeo, The National and Tiesto.


Though not mentioned in the festival announcements, there will be a special secret side stage featuring bands that have movie stars as a band member: Keanu Reeve’s Dogstar, Russell Crowe’s 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters, Bruce Willis playing the entire Return to Bruno album and headlining will be McCauley Culkin’s band “Pizza Underground”, who, recently, were booed off the stage and pelted with beer and debris at a show in England.


The former child stars band combines classic Velvet Underground songs with pizza references.


I dont know about McCauley’s musical success in the UK, but in bovine America? The only thing we love more than watching child stars age horribly is a slice of pizza!


But if you’re like me…and I know I am….


You don’t like spending your hard earned scratch being herded like cattle at corporate music festivals. You prefer to spend your day in the sun relaxing, sipping a cool drink, smokin a little somethin somethin and listening to Lee “Scratch” Perry, one of the pioneers of dub reggae.


You do know about dub reggae is dont’cha? Dub is basically the beat of reggae music without any vocals and replaced with crazy ass effects.


Lee “Scratch” Perry is one of the greatest reggae producers, who has worked with Max Romeo, Junior Murvin, the Congos and, perhaps you heard of them, Bob Marley and the Wailers. A good place to start is with the compilation “Arkology”, a compilation of many of his great productions. Listening to Mr. Perry will take you away to the islands, and leave you sitting on a beach holding your favorite drink, feet in the cool water, watching an amazing sunset get overtaken by a giant mushroom cloud on the horizon. You’ll become the last person on Earth and feel……heavenly.


Thats it for Scrapple Music, thanks for watching, please like us on Facebook and tune in next week as we continue our search for Beauty, Truth and the Lost Chord.


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