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Iggy Azalea, Steve Perry, Beastie Boys, EELS [Scrapple Music]

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The number 1 song of the week is “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea, like you may have assumed, is not the daughter of Iggy Pop and a shrub, but an Australian songwriter and rapper.


Azalea says her music is inspired by Missy Elliot and Tupac.
With her blond hair and waify physique, Iggy Azalea busts down stereotypes of what it takes to be a popstar.
Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, which features Azalea, comes in at number 2, making her the only artist after the Beatles to take the top 2 spots on the billboard charts.


Now, every generation hates the music of their children. Usually nostalgic about their youth, they misunderstand what’s current.
Perhaps artists like Ke$ha will later be remembered as pioneers in the field of lip synching while wearing a garbage bag.
However, with these facts, I think it’s safe to say that nothing will ever be good again.
The Beastie Boys were reunited in court when Monster Energy Drink used one of their songs without authorization. Although being screwed over by a corporate sugar water company usually unites people, the surviving members of The Beastie Boys reiterated that they will not get back together. Sadly, since Adam Yauch passed, it seems the only time you hear about them is when when they are involved in deep litigation.
Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey, returned to the spotlight after two decades at an Eels concert. He sang old songs like “Open Arms”, “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin” and Eels family favorite “It’s a Mother F-er”. The Eels’ singer joked that it may be his turn to take 20 years off.
It’s really great to see Steve singing again, but why with the Eels?
I mean, it just seems odd that a global pop icon like Steve Perry would sing with one of the most lyrically dark bands on Earth. Explaining why he chose to sing an Eels song “It’s a mother f*^$% er”, Perry said, “…It is a song about profound loss. I recently lost someone who is the love of my life”.
The Eels are characterized by their devastating lyrics combined with an upbeat sound. Their heartwarming song titles include “Cancer for the Cure”, “The Medication is Wearing Off” and “Going to your Funeral”. The band’s singer/ songwriter, known simply as “E” or, the goth Randy Newman, reinvented the band with each album. In the earlier years, even the band members changed to comply with every new style. You may recognize the Eels from the soundtrack of American Beauty.


The Eels are not exactly the band you play at your wedding. They are the band you play when you just got dumped, it’s 3am, and you’re in a fetal position on the couch.


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