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Greg Bucceroni Talks About Eddie Savitz [Off The Deep End]



Greg Bucceroni is a former police officer with a troubled past as a child prostitute in the 1980’s.

At the age of 12, after joining the South Philadelphia Boy’s Club, Bucceroni met Edward Savitz, know as “Fast” or “Uncle Eddie. It was at this time he encountered other boys victimized by Savitz, and was taken to lascivious sex parties involving minors. Later he sold his soiled underwear to Savitz for his deviant collection, which reportedly included stacks of pizza boxes filled with human feces.

Edward Savitz was later arrested in the early 90’s. Many urban legends surround Savitz and his bizarre proclivities since that time. Here Greg describes his terrifying experience as a teenager trapped in this world.

Greg Bucceroni is a controversial figure in Philadelphia. The veracity of his claims have been brought into question before. None of his statements have been fact checked by Scrapple TV. Despite this; some of what he describes actually happened.

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