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Ed Sheeran, Paul McCartney, Warren & Jimmy Buffett [Scrapple Music]

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He’s Hot, He’s Sexy and He’s Dead!
5 years later his Facebook page has 75 million “likes” and somehow he is still chillin on tour with cirque du soleil.
Which reminds me,
Paul McCartney is going back on tour too…. yes, he is still alive… kind of, I guess.
He was last seen hangin out with Warren Buffett in Omaha Nebraska, perhaps he was looking for Warren’s brother Jimmy…

WHYDS (wids). It’s Pinterest for soundtracks.
I remember myspace tried this once, saving personal playlists from all over the web…
You remember myspace, don’tcha?
Yeah..Just last week I saw Myspace and Friendster furiously checking their Linked-in profiles at an abandoned coffee shop.

Who’s Ed Sheeren? Why is he everywhere and why does everyone like him?
He doesn’t impress me,
I bet even James Blunt thinks Ed Sheeran pees sitting down.

Google’s been accused of shaking down indie artists for entry into YouTube’s video and music streaming service.
Much like life itself, they are favoring the big money studios and screwing the small ones.
New contracts are forcing the little guy to pull their business from money making opportunities like iTunes pre release downloads.
Their “or else” clause warns that artists could lose their top “official” YouTube spots for their own stuff.
I can’t wait to see who screws who, since Amazon just entered the mix with it’s prime music program.
So far Amazon’s streaming service lets you listen to all the Simon & Garfunkel you want.
At least your grandma’s gonna be happy.

If you’re willing to play at -150 celsius, have I got the instrument for you.
A proximity detector oscillating theremin made of supercooled superconductors.
It sounds like R2D2 making sweet love to a trash can..
Attention Creepy Basement and Knerd News! We’ve got your new music intro for you!

Finally lets pour one out For Tommy Ramone. The drummer was the last surviving member of The Ramones….. well thats not entirely true, Marky Ramone is still out there,selling his ice cream, pasta sauce and cheesy merchandise all by his lonesome.
Well that’s it for Scrapple News, thanks for watching, thanks for the love
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Written By Christina Shriver
Shot By Marc Brodzik
Edited BY Scott Colan
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