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Brain-Dead Low-IQ 106.9 Now Dead For Real

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When you’re making fun of people stuck in the last century (at best), you use music from the last century…

We were kind of surprised when, a couple of years back, we stumbled upon 106.9 WWIQ FM broadcasting the deranged rants of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the right-wing mouth-breathing brigade. In fact, we wondered aloud “Weren’t these guys just dropped from the Philly airwaves?” And then we wondered “what kind of idiots would buy up their unsuccessful shows?” Just look at their thrilling lineup: Don “Nappy-headed hos” Imus, who is nearly a century old. Rush Limbaugh, a man with all the charm of a shit-covered walrus. Sean “Ripping off our Troops” Hannity. And of course Glenn Beck, who’s made a career off biting Andy Griffith’s schtick from “A Face in the Crowd”. That movie was filmed in 1957… which coincidentally is a time WWIQ’s audience of 15 would like to return to.

So it’s no surprise to us that “Low-IQ” FM, “Fighting For Freedom From The Fortress of Free Speech” since December 2011, has been sold, and will soon begin broadcasting Christian music (which no one will listen to either).

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  1. George Woelfel says:

    The rights message is too archaic for the 21st Century. ..oh yeah its been the 21st Century for 16 years now….grow up and stop spiraling down….its your feeble body that has weaken your mind.

  2. Woo says:

    He never listened to Rush or some of the rants of others… give him a break – he doesn’t know how to think for himself or be self reliant. Someday he will get a house and a family and grow up!

    Nice one Marc!

  3. Nate says:

    I appreciate the information this article provides but all the info you have about the talk show hosts except for Imus is bogus. The Rush article is from The Onion,….you know they report fake news right that’s not a real article and all the information in it is skewed at best. Don’t get me wrong there are reasons to dislike Rush but most of that stuff is not it. And the report about Hannity’s charity is most likely bull as well since the money they say was spent just on the charity can also apply to the things the charity supplies money for so that makes no sense with out a full rundown on where the money went we have no idea. So yeah its nearly all opinion based and opinions don’t equal truth.

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