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Barakka on Turkish Radio TRT FM


Istanbul, Turkey

They Came, They Conquered

“With all hopes up, expectations limited, the wind of Barakka touched the soul of Istanbul recently. These “silent” giants, managed to overcome the almost impossible during the darkest days of the nation. İt so happened that their planned tour clashed with the unfortunate events in Soma, Turkey, where hundreds of mine workers lost their lives and a nation was in mourning. The band shared the pain. The actual concert got canceled and plans took another direction. Despite the broken dreams, they did not lose hope, neither went back home. To top it all off:  Eventhough they were right in the heart of the action, Taksim, they were not shy to stroll the streets of Beyoğlu. Day or night!” – Sandra Saglam June 2014

Huge thank you to the entire Radio TRT FM crew! The interview miraculously still happened even though we were late.

Filmed by Andrew Geller
Edited by Matthew Hamilton


iTunes Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/uzaklardan/id571105321


Thank you to Mask Live Music Club and Shaft Club

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