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Barakka – Agit (Lament) [Official Music Video]

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Barakka will be traveling to Istanbul, Turkey May 11-18, 2014 to share their music overseas! Check out their main show Thursday May 15 @ Hayal Kahvesi Beyoğlu:
& booking is still available for their trip!

Philadelphia-based multi-ethnic group Barakka specializes in Turkish folk-rock with a mix of eastern and western instrumentation. Agit, or Lament, comes from their debut album Uzaklardan. Available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/barakka



Agit (Lament) lyrics:

Small black dots appear in the sky
They will soon spoil the delicate quiet
Maps with lines drawn lying on the table,
the price to be settled in blood
Children will wake up to the sounds of bombs

Buildings and streets will be one with the ground,
This may be the last time people will greet each other
The targets have been made known, one by one
Guns have turned their cold faces
Some lips will tell their fate

My hands are tied; all hands have turned towards the sky
Death is wearing her crown in front of us,
so our hearts will be united
If life is not a lie there must be a way.
When has innocence been a crime?
What are the consequences they must pay?

Without looking behind time passes by,
Shadows pass beneath the sunlight.
Will the lies finally come to an end?
There won’t be a later after this
Is death the only means to embrace freedom

There must be another way…

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