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AP Ticker’s [ScrappleTV News] Ultimate Warrior, Heartbleed Virus, and Google Drones

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ScrappleTV News – Week of April 21, 2014.


From high atop the Scrapple News tower in downtown Philadelphia; I’m AP and this is a fever dream you’ll never escape.

The battle for communications supremacy goes airborne. The time has come to admit that smoking e-cigarettes is the same as smoking actual cigarettes. This week we mourn the passing of The Ultimate Warrior. If you prefer your heroes to be more emaciated, then you’ll love Homeless Jesus Statue. Finally; we turn to the Heartbleed virus, a nasty computer bug that’s ruining life for IT guys across the world. There’s just no romance anymore.

If you’re looking to rekindle your lust for life, might I suggest a refreshing bottle of Kenzinger Beer. This killer taste from Philadelphia Brewing Company will make your summer longer and your shorts shorter. If it was Sunday and we were watching football, I’d be drunk already.

That does for this week’s scrapple news. As always I remain AP Ticker, a unicorn trapped among the flightless horseys.


Scrapple News written by:
Scott Colan, Brendan Skwire, John Zito, Steve Galley
Shot by: Marc Brodzik
Edited by: Andrew Geller


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