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AP Ticker’s [ScrappleTV News] Dirty Bomb of Infotainment

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ScrappleTV News – Week of April 14, 2014.

Scrapple News written by:
Scott Colan, Brendan Skwire, John Zito, Steve Galley
Shot by: Marc Brodzik
Edited by: Andrew Geller

From high atop the Scrapple News Tower in downtown Philadelphia, I’m AP Ticker and this is a dirty bomb of news and infotainment. We begin tonight with naloxone; the miracle cure for your common drug overdose. Also, Korean immigrants at a factory in Honduras are wearing diapers so they can work longer. Owners of the greasy boardwalk landmark, Manco & Manco Pizza, were arrested on charges of tax evasion this week. In other fat people news, a study conducted at Cornell discovered cereal mascots are designed to look directly into children’s eyes. We end tonight on a sad note; the passing of beloved actor Mickey Rooney.

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