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AP Ticker’s Life Lessons: Movie Pitch – The Dark Knight Pays it Forward

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Our Hearts and thoughts go out to the victims of the aurora shooting.

Here’s another movie pitch idea and this one is going to be a Blockbuster!
It’s a sequel for the Batman franchise. I call it “The Dark Knight pays it forward”.
We’ll bring back Christian Bale as Batman, provided he wears the old costume with the nipples on it.
The movie begins with a violent convenience store robbery. The Dark Knight catches the criminals red handed and gives them a vicious beating. Later, at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne, AKA The Batman, notices that his knuckles are bloody from the beatings. He looks around his lonely palatial estate and realizes that his one man war on crime is futile.
He decides to put his billions of dollars to better use than high tech gadgetry and unfulfilled vengeance.
Bruce Wayne directs his company, Wayne Industries, into pouring it’s money and resources into vastly improving the education and health care of all the citizens of Gotham. He hires more teachers and cops, provides them with sensitivity training and opens free drug treatment centers throughout the city. All of it’s citizens are offered free college educations. Crews of construction workers are hired to repair Gotham’s infrastructure and make all the homes beautiful. What happens is inevitable, the crime rate drops, literacy and wellness spike. Gotham City becomes a utopia.
Then Wayne dons the the costume again, systematically terrorizing corporate boardrooms across the world into acting right. He targets the titans of Wall Street and convinces them, with his fists, that “greed is NOT good”. All of the worlds wealth is quickly focused into providing adequate food, shelter, education and health care for every living person on the planet. The Batman changes his name to BatChrist and Heaven is achieved on Earth.
We roll the credits with Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen singing “Death is not The End”.

If the DC people pass on this beauty, we’ll sell it to Marvel and switch the character to Iron Man… I hear Tony Stark’s pretty rich too.
Life Lessons with AP Ticker

Til next time folks, I’m AP Ticker and i’m batshit crazy for this movie!

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Brenden Skwire
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